About WCYS

Washington Center for Yemeni Studies

Our Story

Yemeni Americans and communities worldwide often lack safe spaces to share their experiences, perspectives, and demands. Mainstream narratives rarely capture their complete picture, and vital information dissemination and co-creation fall short. In 2019, a group of Yemeni Americans, frustrated by the lack of representation and understanding, founded the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies (WCYS). We knew our community’s voices deserved to be heard, and we were determined to create a platform for diverse perspectives and experiences. We are the advocates at the forefront. WCYS  provides a platform for open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and civic engagement. Through our varied initiatives, we aim to facilitate a more inclusive future for Yemenis everywhere; WCYS amplifies Yemeni voices, fosters understanding of Yemen, and bridges the gap between communities and decision-makers.


Our mission is to bridge understanding of Yemen’s Yemen’s political climate, humanitarian crisis, and social inequities. We are a catalyst, amplifying Yemeni voices through research, education, and community engagement to champion justice, civil liberties, and a sustainable future in Yemen.


We envision a future where Yemenis are empowered to voice their aspirations and shape their destiny, guided by informed solutions and woven with understanding across communities.

What We Do

Our work at WCYS encompasses a range of activities aimed at comprehensively addressing these urgent challenges. We engage in ongoing efforts to: 

Provide insightful information and analysis: We serve as a trusted voice for the Yemeni community, offering research, reports, and commentary that inform policy decisions and public discourse.

Act as community representatives: We engage with policymakers, media outlets, and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that benefit Yemeni communities and address their concerns.

Empower through education and training: We equip Yemeni communities with the knowledge and skills to shape the future they envision for themselves and their families.

Our Objectives

We aim to create a lasting and transformative impact on the discussion about Yemen in Washington, fostering a thriving Yemeni-American society, amplifying their voices, and building a peaceful and prosperous future for Yemen. 

We accomplish this by:

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