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Washington Center for Yemeni Studies

About Us

Washington Center for Yemeni Studies (WCYS) is a distinguished think tank that specializes in examining Yemen’s political climate, humanitarian crisis, and social inequities. Founded in 2019 by a dedicated group of Yemeni Advocates is to shed light on the intricate complexities of the Yemeni conflict, amplify crucial ideas often overlooked by mainstream media, and explore sustainable solutions across various sectors such as infrastructure, economy, education, healthcare, security, and the environment. These sectors, already facing immense challenges, have been further destabilized by the ongoing conflict.

Yemen is enduring an unparalleled humanitarian crisis marked by widespread food insecurity, water scarcity, insufficient healthcare, and the lack of essential services, affecting millions of Yemenis. At WCYS, we firmly believe in the power of research, analysis, and advocacy. We recognize the potential for transformative change within these pillars and strive to utilize them effectively in our endeavors.


  • Generate knowledge and promote an in-depth understanding of Yemen’s political complexities, humanitarian crisis, and social inequities. 
  • Amplify the Yemeni voice through publishing research, delivering analysis, and advocating for critical issues, by fostering dialogue and forging strategic partnerships.


  • Establish a trusted and influential center of excellence in Yemeni studies to inform decision-making and drive action. 
  • Build bridges between academia, policymakers, civil society, and the public to raise awareness, promote effective interventions, and facilitate dialogue.





What We Do

Our work at WCYS encompasses a range of activities aimed at comprehensively addressing these urgent challenges:

  1. WCYS Annual Conference:

    Our annual gathering brings together a diverse group of experts, policymakers, scholars, and advocates. This dynamic event catalyzes collaborative knowledge exchange, innovative ideas, and informed decision-making. By addressing pressing challenges in Yemen, we strive to shape policies and initiatives that pave the way for positive change and sustainable peace.

  2. Yemen Advocacy Day:

    Dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for meaningful change, Yemen Advocacy Day is a pivotal event. We amplify the voices of those affected by the crisis by engaging policymakers, experts, and passionate advocates. By forging strong partnerships with the United States, we can promote dialogue, diplomacy, and economic cooperation, leverage legislative actions, and ultimately achieve long-term stability in Yemen.

  3. Insightful Information and Analysis:

    With an unwavering commitment to knowledge, we conduct a thorough analysis to uncover the intricate political dynamics, humanitarian crises, and urgent social issues gripping Yemen. Through our research papers, informative newsletters, and quarterly updates, we offer valuable insights, expert commentary, and a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s challenges.

  4. Dynamic Discussions:

    Going beyond research, we enable active and engaging discussions. Our panel sessions bring together distinguished experts, policymakers, and thought leaders to explore Yemen’s complexities and exchange diverse perspectives on current challenges and prospective solutions.

  5. Poll Research in Yemen:

    Understanding public sentiment and perspectives is essential for informed decision-making. To achieve this, we aim to conduct poll research in Yemen, gauging public opinion on critical issues. This data-driven approach helps policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders grasp the Yemeni people’s needs, aspirations, and concerns, enabling targeted interventions and informed decision-making.

  6. Yemeni Youth Leadership Training:

    We prioritize empowering Yemeni American youth through developing comprehensive training programs to cultivate their leadership potential. These programs will provide young Yemenis with essential skills, knowledge, and invaluable mentorship opportunities. By empowering them to become catalysts for positive change, we aim to shape Yemen’s democratic future and contribute to the U.S. democratic process.


WCYS Objectives

At WCYS we aim to create a lasting and transformative impact in Yemen, fostering a thriving Yemeni society, amplifying their voices, and building a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.

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