The Outcomes of the Riyadh Consultations. What’s Next ?

Speakers List

Mr. Saleh Algubwani | Former Yemeni Minister of Transport

Ms. Huda Al-Sarari | Yemeni lawyer and human rights activist, winner of the Martin  Ennals Award for Rights

Mr. Saif Almuthana | Director of Relations of the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies

Ms. Fatima Abo Alasrar | Non-resident fellow and researcher at the Middle East Institute. Political analyst at the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies

Mr. Abdusamad Elfgeeh | Director of the Washington Center of Yemeni Studies


The Washington Center for Yemeni Studies invites you to a panel discussion on the “Outcomes of the Riyadh Consultations, What’s Next?” The panel will explore the legal and constitutional aspects of the Yemen talks in Riyadh and the recent presidential declaration.

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