The September 26th Revolution A Turning Point in Yemeni Lives

Speakers List

Nadwa Al-Dawsari: Non-resident fellow at the Middle East Institute. A researcher focusing on conflict and peace building * Dr. J.E. Peterson: Historian and political analyst specializing in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf * Dr. Asher Orkaby: Associate research scholar at Princeton University’s Transregional Institute * Moderator\ Hussam Kaid : Research and Outreach officer at the Washington Center for Yemeni Studie *


It remains the embodiment of the Yemeni struggle against tyranny and oppression for the sake of dignity and freedom. The Struggle for a republic and retaining a Yemeni identity representing the values of humanity and civilization based on equality and justice after breaking from the chains of the Imamate supremacist theocracy

Other Events

Yemen Advocacy Day, featured image

WCYS 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day: Be a Voice for Yemen

Join us at the 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day on June 14, 2023, in Washington, D.C., as WCYS invites the Yemeni American community to make their voices heard. This unique event provides a platform to discuss pressing issues impacting Yemen. Register now and become a powerful voice for Yemen’s future.

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