WCYS 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day: Be a Voice for Yemen

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Registration for the 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day is now closed. You can sign up to receive exclusive early bird rates for the upcoming WCYS 2nd Annual Conference.

Yemen Advocacy Day

WCYS is inviting all members of the Yemeni American community and Advocates for Yemen to register for the 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day, where we can collectively raise our voices for Yemen. So, mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 14, 2023, as we come together in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. 

Our primary objective is to drive positive change in Yemen by fostering sustainable development, strengthening stability, enhancing U.S.-Yemen relations, and promoting mutual interests.

During this event, we will have the chance to engage in productive discussions, share insights, and build partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.


Yemen Advocacy Day will be dedicated to raising awareness about the ongoing challenges faced by Yemen and to encourage meaningful action and support on the following issues:

  • Accelerating the Safer Oil Tanker removal and securing trade routes to resolve a pending environmental and humanitarian catastrophe and assert government and public ownership of oil resources.
  • Ensuring accountability and support for a humanitarian approach to efficient landmine removal and sorting and holding responsible parties accountable for breaking international laws.
  • Facilitating prisoner exchanges, ensuring humanitarian treatment, advocating for the release of innocent civilians, stopping civilian arrest campaigns, and differentiating them from war prisoners.
  • Establishing consular services in Aden for American citizens in Yemen and facilitating support for Yemenis facing hardships by expediting processing for Yemeni American citizens in U.S. Embassies, especially in countries assisting Yemeni immigrants.
Yemen Advocacy Day, featured image

Why You Should Join Yemen Advocacy Day


1. Developing a Sustainable Future

Yemen Advocacy Day Addresses Yemen’s Urgent Challenges and Fostering Partnerships for Progress

In our pursuit of a sustainable future, we acknowledge the urgent challenges that Yemen faces today. Millions of Yemenis suffer from inhumane conditions, including widespread food insecurity, water scarcity, inadequate healthcare, and essential service deficiencies. To address these challenges comprehensively, we are committed to exploring sustainable solutions across multiple sectors, including infrastructure, economy, education, healthcare, security, and the environment.

Your active participation in this inaugural Yemen Advocacy Day is essential in voicing a unified call for urgent action.

2. Engaging in Direct Dialogue

Yemen Advocacy Day Offers In-Person Discussions with Representatives

Yemen Advocacy Day offers an exceptional opportunity for direct dialogue with your State Representatives. Moreover, you will share your insights and stories of U.S. policies’ impact on your experience as a Yemeni American. Amplifying Yemeni voices can raise awareness and promote a more profound understanding among representatives of urgent matters. Additionally, you will have the unique opportunity to explore innovative solutions to the pressing humanitarian crisis and advocate for critical international assistance.

Together with policymakers, we can address the pressing issues that significantly impact Yemen and Yemeni Americans in today’s political landscape.

3. Building Bridges of Activism

Yemen Advocacy Day Unites Passionate Change-Makers

This historic event aims to unite change-makers, fostering unity and collaboration. Your presence and participation will allow you to share experiences, ideas, and enthusiasm with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, you will develop strong connections and find inspiration in our collective dedication to a better future for Yemen and its people. Therefore, we encourage diverse participation from individuals representing their local communities and national organizations.

Jointly we can shape policies that effectively address Yemen’s most critical challenges and contribute to a prosperous future for its people.

For those who would like additional advocacy techniques

For those who would like additional advocacy techniques and a more in-depth rundown on the advocacy day’s focused issues, there will be training workshops, online and in-person, for those registered before the event. WCYS will also provide a day-of-event training at Congress for all participating delegates—more details to follow.

If you are traveling from outside the DMV region, we highly recommend arriving in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, June 13th. 

9:00 AM State Delegations will meet up with their team captain(s).

A volunteer congressional office staff escort at the entrance of one of the U.S. House Congressional office buildings: Cannon, Longworth, or Rayburn. Each state delegation’s Voter Voice app meeting schedule will note this predetermined meeting location. Delegations will be credentialed and escorted into the CVC. PLEASE BRING A VALID PHOTO I.D. MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE ON TIME.

Please arrange for your own lodging, if required, during the Advocacy Days. 

If you are traveling from outside the DMV region, we highly recommend arriving in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, June 13th. We understand the importance of ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay during your time in Washington, DC. Our team is working diligently to secure suitable accommodations and discounted rates for all delegates traveling from out of town. 

If you have any questions about access or to request any reasonable accommodations that will facilitate your full participation in this event, such as ASL interpreting, captioned videos, Braille or electronic text, food options for individuals with dietary restrictions, etc. please email mghumrawi@wcys.org.

Register now for the WCYS 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day and be a powerful voice for Yemen’s future.
To register for Yemen Advocacy Day, please follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the registration link provided below. This link will redirect you to the USCMO’s 8th Annual National Muslim Advocacy Day registration page.
Please note the following essential details:
  1. Registering for Yemen Advocacy Day on June 14 will automatically be registered for Muslim Advocacy Days on June 12 and 13.
  2. If you wish to participate in all three advocacy days, please contact us at info@wcys.org and let us know. We will make the necessary arrangements accordingly.
  3. If you choose not to participate in the first two days, you will only be scheduled for congressional meetings on June 14, specifically focused on advocating for Yemen-related issues.

We highly encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your spot and ensure proper planning for the event.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wcys.org. We are here to support you throughout the registration process.


*The 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day, organized by the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies (WCYS), is a private event on Capitol Hill. By submitting this registration form, you acknowledge and accept the terms and limitations regarding attendance and participation in this event. WCYS reserves the right to deny or remove any participant from the event at its sole discretion. In such cases, denied or removed individuals or entities have no right to receive a refund or claim any costs, expenses, or losses associated with their participation in the event. Please note that all audio, visual, and audio/visual devices, as well as photography, filming, recording, and taping, are strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from WCYS. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to ensure the smooth and successful execution of the event.

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