Abaad Studies launches electronic store to sell its products

The Abaad Center for Studies and Researches has set up a paypal account to receive donations and sell its studies online through its website. The center said in a press release that the paypal service will allow the subscribers to buy the center’s products or donate to the center through their accounts directly or by credit cards.

The Abaad Center emphasized that this step, which coincides with the New Year 2020, is necessary to diversify the resources to improve the center’s income so it can continue its professional performance with objectivity, away from any conditional support. It said that this step also comes in parallel with the accelerating development in the mechanisms of obtaining and marketing information. In addition to its research and analysis services, the center said that it plans to add monitoring, induction and investigation services to its website.

The Abaad Center for Studies renewed its call for researchers, journalists, academics and students of humanitarian studies to be its partners, stressing that its website is available for marketing and publishing studies, researches, analytical articles, opinion polls, press reports and investigative reports which are committed to the publishing standards.

The Abaad Center for Studies and Researches releases its studies and researches in both Arabic and English, and it has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram.


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