Yemen man dies 2 days after leaving Houthi prison

A young Yemeni man his name Abbad, who was kidnapped by Houthi rebels in the capital of Sanaa has died only two days after leaving prison,

the young man’s sudden and mysterious death was caused by the torture and abuse he suffered while in prison.

Sources in Sanaa told the Al-Masdar Online news that Abdullah Abbad, from Al-Siyani district in Ibb Governorate, died on Friday in his home in Sanaa, only two days after being released from the Houthi prison.
the Houthi militia kidnapped Abbad a month ago, on charges of distributing published material of the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

Meanwhile, Abbad’s family disclosed that they had not heard anything about him since his abduction, nor of his whereabouts, until he was released two days ago. The family confirmed the young man was in poor health on his return, while his body had signs of torture.

According to human rights reports, dozens of Yemenis have died while held in prisons run by Houthi militias or shortly after being released as a result of torture.


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