Experts for the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies: the organizational structure of the police and the The current economic situation the reasons for the demonstrations

The death of US citizen George Floyd continues to have serious repercussions in the United States, with a state of emergency declared in 25 cities and hundreds of demonstrators arrested. Although President Trump condemned what is happening, the United States is still continuing to witness serious disturbances that have not been seen in decades. American experts believe that the protests of the United States after the murder of a citizen of African descent as a result of police violence is an uprising against President Donald Trump and his policies that incite violence.

Experts blamed the deteriorating situation in the country on Trump, who doesn’t take into account institutions, values and ideologies, and who has put the country in a devastating political crisis. according to their description. They also considered the organizational structure of the American police organization since its foundation in the late 1800s, and its practices following the civil war in the 1960s, as part of the old, renewed racist problem against blacks.


A professor of strategic studies and a former official in the Ministry of Defense, David DeRoach, said in an interview with the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies that: The demonstrations that we see have many reasons, and the unemployment that is caused by COVID 19, in addition to the chronic unemployment and underemployment in inner cities, is a main reason .

“Police violence is primarily the result of the structure of this institution,” he said. “The police unions and other organizations and groups supporting the arms have not allowed a radical change that would put an end to police violence,” DeRoche told the Washington Center.


He said the United States is at a point where new and old crises are surfacing, especially as discrimination against blacks is one of the “old problems” the US society has. Racism and violence of the police in the United States had already existed since the establishment of the State.

When he was asked about the impact of the demonstrations on Trump’s popularity and the upcoming elections, he said, “Well, you can say that!” But in the past, the Republican Party was seen as a party of “law and order” and benefiting from the riots.

He added that the people who live in the inner city are not Trump’s voters in the previous election, and the rest of America is likely to see the events as riots rather than objections to unfair treatment of minorities. So Trump could actually appear stronger than before, especially given the obvious lack of Democratic Party enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

American journalist Kinana Al-Sharif agreed with DeRoach saying that “the reason this crisis was inflamed at this pace in the second week was, there’s an economic gap caused by the Coronavirus and worsening unemployment.


Al-Sharif asserted that the murder of African American George Floyd by the police was the straw that broke the camel’s back and sparked the protests nationwide. The outbreak created a state of terror among black Americans and highlighted the problems facing the community, she said, in addition to President Trump’s obstinacy in his speech, which sought to mobilize instead of calming down, focusing his speeches on the election tone and not reducing the crisis ..

The fluctuation in Trump’s position on the murder of Floyd and his narcissistic personality, and his reluctance to show sympathy for African Americans, fueled the tension, she said. Al-Sharif, a US affairs specialist, described the Trump administration as a system that “puts the country in a devastating political crisis”, noting that the Coronavirus outbreak and discrimination against blacks have deepened the US political crisis.

Earlier, US police arrested nearly 1,400 people in 17 US cities as protests continued over the death of George Floyd, US media reported Saturday evening. But the actual number of the detainees is likely to be higher as daily protests continue. Floyd, 46, an African American, took his last breath in Minnesota last Monday after a police officer put his knee to the neck Eight minutes. A video documenting the crime was widely circulated, and the officer was later arrested and charged with a third-degree


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