Yemen: 3 UAE-backed battalions rebel against Saudi-backed government in Socotra

The UAE is supporting a military rebellion against the internationally-backed government of Yemen in the island of Socotra, a government official revealed today.

Adviser to the Yemeni Minister of Information, Mukhtar Al–Rahbi, said in a post on Facebook that three divisions of the 1st Marine Brigade had launched a rebellion against the legitimate Yemeni government supported by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Al-Rahbi added that the rebellion was led by Brigadier General Nasser Abdullah Qais, who had earlier made several contacts with the UAE delegate on the island, Khalfan Al–Mazrouei.

The 1st Marine Brigade consists of four battalions, including the 3rd division, an armoured battalion, and an air defence force, in addition to the Najd Brigade.

The rebellion came a day after Yahya Mubarak Saeed, head of the STC in Socotra, was sacked and replaced by Nazim Qablan, in light of the recent advancement made by government forces on the ground after they took control of the Special Forces’ camp that was previously under the control of the STC.

The local authority in Socotra has accused the UAE and its delegate of buying the loyalty of the battalions and spreading chaos on the island
congresswoman Ilhan Omar Said on her Twitter page,In Yemen, the world has recognized Saudi Arabia and Iran’s role in the civil war that has devastated the country and caused the worse humanitarian crisis. But UAE largely goes unnoticed in their role in plunging the country into war & chaos. I wonder why?, 


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