Yemen government denounces UN envoy indifference to Houthi crimes

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Moammar Al-Eryani, yesterday slammed what he described as UN envoy, Martin Griffiths’ “indifference” to the crimes committed by the Houthis in Yemen,  Saba news agency reported.

Al-Eryani regretted Griffiths’ ignorance of the Houthis’ brutal assassination of seven-year-old Ruwaida Saleh who was shot in the head while collecting water in the city of Taiz.

“This crime that shook the Yemeni public opinion and the conscience of every free human being has left a big question mark about the UN envoy’s impartiality and his continued disregard for the Houthi militia’s crimes and violations,” the Yemeni minister said, adding that this indifference and silence about the Houthis’ crimes “is a green light” for them to continue with their crimes and violations.

Al-Iryani called on the UN envoy to explicitly condemn the Houthis’ action and work to hold those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity accountable.

Last Monday, Ruwaida was shot in the head by a Houthi sniper stationed in the Central Security camp, while collecting water for her family, northeast of Taiz


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