UN: Iran bodies supplying weapons to Yemen’s Houthis

Independent UN sanctions observers on Tuesday accused Iranian entities and individuals of supplying weapons to the Houthis in Yemen,  Reuters reported.

The observers tasked with monitoring the implementation of sanctions on Yemen said in their annual report that “there is a growing body of evidence that shows that individuals or entities within the Islamic Republic of Iran are engaged in sending weapons and weapons components to the Houthis” in violation of a UN arms embargo.

In their report, the team of monitors confirmed that they had “documented several supply routes for the Houthis in the Arabian Sea using conventional Dhow vessels”.

According to the report, the Houthis have also used Yemeni state revenues to finance their war activities.

A UN report has previously revealed that some weapons owned by the Houthis possess technical characteristics similar to those made in Iran.

Iran has not commented on the report, but has previously denied similar accusations.



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