Saudi Arabia says Biden’s speech reiterates US commitment to work with allies

Saudi Arabia said on Friday President Joe Biden’s speech reiterated US commitment to work with “friends and allies” to resolve conflicts.

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir told Al-Ekhbaria the Kingdom was looking forward to working with the US administration.

“We look forward to working with our friends in the US to end conflicts and confront challenges, as we have for over seven decades,” he added.

He added: “Our countries have spilled blood in the liberation of Kuwait and in combating Al-Qaeda, including in Yemen, and Daesh in Syria.

Biden said the war in Yemen “must end,” during his first foreign policy speech on Thursday since taking office.

“At the same time, we’re going to continue to support and help Saudi Arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people,” Biden said, adding that the Kingdom continues to be targeted with missile attacks.

And he spoke of the need for the US to play a more active diplomatic role to bring an end to the conflict in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, a member of the Arab coalition supporting Yemen’s internationally recognized government, has repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes the United States’ commitment, expressed in President Biden’s speech today, to cooperate with the Kingdom in defending its security and territory,” said Prince Faisal bin Farhan on Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister. “We look forward to working with Tim Lenderking to achieve our joint goal of a comprehensive political resolution in Yemen as part of our shared vision for a peaceful and prosperous region.”

Also on Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman welcomed the president’s commitment to working with allies to resolve conflicts. He also welcomed the appointment of Lenderking and said the Kingdom was looking forward to working with its American partners to “alleviate the humanitarian situation and find a solution to the Yemen crisis, and ensure peace and stability.”



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