Daily Express: British forces arrive in Yemen to hunt down Mercer Street attackers

The British newspaper “Daily Express” said today Sunday that British special forces units moved to Yemen last night to pursue those believed to have carried out the drone attack on the oil tanker “Mercer Street” in Arabia. Saudi. Sea on July 29, which resulted in the killing of a British security man and employee.

The newspaper said a team of 40 arrived yesterday, Saturday, at Al-Ghaydah airport in the Yemeni governorate of Al-Mahra, where “it is believed they will use some local residents who know the area” to help track down the Houthis who are behind the attack, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper reported that the British team arrived in Yemen includes a “specialized electronic warfare unit”. The newspaper also claimed that the team British is working in collaboration with a US special operations force “already in the region”.

The attack took place on July 29 and Israel, the United States, Great Britain, several Western countries and the European Union accuse Iran of being behind it.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said Sunday that the EU “strongly condemns the illegal attack on the merchant ship Mercer Street” off the coast of the Sultanate. Oman late last month.

Borrell added in a statement published by the site web of the Council of the European Union that “there is no justification for this attack”, which killed a Romanian citizen and a British citizen.

He stressed that “all prove available clearly indicate Iran’s responsibility “for the attack. He continued:” These reckless unilateral actions, which are contrary to international law and threaten the pace international, are unacceptable and must stop. Freedom of navigation must be guaranteed in compliance with international law “.



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