UN envoy calls for ‘inclusive settlement’ to end Yemen crisis

   UN special envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg called for an “inclusive political settlement” to end the conflict as he concluded his first visit to the country on Wednesday.
“There is an urgent need to change course and work toward an inclusive political settlement that comprehensively ends the conflict and allows Yemen to recover and develop,” Grundberg said.
During his visit, the UN envoy met with the Yemeni prime minister, the governor of Aden, the chairman of the Southern Transitional Council, the governor of Taiz, and a diverse group of political actors.
He also consulted with representatives of civil society organizations and women’s rights activists. 
In his meetings, Grundberg emphasized his commitment to inclusivity as a necessity for the sustainability of peace, the statement said.
“Yemen has a rich history of political and social diversity. A durable solution is one that reflects the interests of diverse and broad segments of Yemeni society,” Grundberg said.
During his meeting with Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed, Grundberg welcomed his recent return to Aden and stressed the importance of the full implementation of the Riyadh Agreement to support stability and functional state institutions.
He also discussed the deteriorating economic situation and the challenges of delivery of basic services.
“The humanitarian and economic impact of the war becomes more difficult to reverse with every passing day. The war has turned daily life into a struggle in Yemen,” he said.



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