Senior Yemeni military leader killed in car bombing in Aden

A car bombing killed a senior Yemeni military leader and three of his entourage in the southern port city of Aden on Wednesday, three security sources and a local television station said.

Brigadier General Thabet Gawas was returning from a personal visit when his car was hit by the blast in a suburb of the city, the sources said.

Aden’s AIC Television announced his death and showed footage of a car in flames.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Gawas had long been an enemy of Yemen’s Houthi movement, fighting the group in their northern stronghold of Saada even before they ousted the Saudi-backed government from the capital, Sanaa, in late 2014.

He participated in operations that expelled the Houthis from the southern Lahj region in 2015, the year that a Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen against the Iran-aligned movement.

This story was originally published by Reuters.


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