Saudi ambassador to Yemen visits Sanaa to ‘stabilize’ ceasefire

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al-Jaber is visiting Sanaa as parts of efforts to stabilize a ceasefire in Yemen.

“I visit Sanaa along with a delegation from the brotherly Sultanate of Oman to stabilize the truce and ceasefire,” Al-Jaber tweeted on Monday.

A truce announced roughly a year ago has significantly reduced active hostilities within Yemen, and is still largely respected even though it officially expired in October.

The envoy said he also wants to “support the prisoner exchange process and explore venues of dialogue between Yemeni components to reach a sustainable and comprehensive political solution.”

He added that Saudi Arabia has always stood with Yemen during dire political and economic circumstances and crises.

“Since 2011, these brotherly efforts have continued to achieve the aspirations of the brotherly people of Yemen to restore security, stability, and economic prosperity,” Al-Jaber said.


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