The Long Absence: A Human Rights Report Documenting Cases of Enforced Disappearance in Yemen During the Period from 2015 to 2021


The Republic of Yemen continues to bear witness to the most heinous crimes committed against hundreds of thousands of its citizens by several parties in the past few years without an immediate horizon that guarantees the protection of the rights of individuals against violations that are not widely mentioned in this report. International reports, SAM reports and data collected over the years, and to this day, indicate that there have been repeated practices against civilians, and the most documented and egregious results are enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention. International organizations have monitored the recurrence of this practice by all parties to the conflict, the Houthi, the Arab Coalition countries, and even the recognized Government of Yemen, which takes place in their arrest and detention centres, including secret prisons funded and operated by the United Arab Emirates, in a dangerous and unprecedented manner, over the fundamental rights guaranteed by international law and full and special immunity from violation or restriction.

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The Long Absence


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