The 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day on the Hill

The 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day on the Hill

The Washington Center for Yemen Studies organized the 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day on Wednesday, July 14th. This event aimed to effectively gather political and social support within the United States to support the Yemeni people’s rights and interests, bringing together grassroots activism and congressional members.

Approximately 100 Yemeni-Americans attended from 13 States around the United States and met with 37 Congressional offices, members, and staff, many of which specialize in Yemeni affairs.

We discussed significant issues in the Yemeni file. These topics included the Safir Tanker removal and proper allocation of resources, civilian prisoner release, landmine removal and accountability, and the call to establish consulate services in Aden to assist Yemenis stranded abroad and expedite their case reviews.

The 1st Annual Yemen Advocacy Day was dedicated to raising awareness about the ongoing challenges faced by Yemenis and encouraging meaningful action and support on the following issues:

  1. The urgent need to expedite a solution for the decaying SAFER oil tanker crisis, ensuring that its resources do not fall into the hands of armed factions that pose a threat to the United States and regional stability.
  2. The pressing requirement for an efficient mechanism to remove landmines in Yemen and the importance of holding violators of international laws accountable.
  3. The plea for a public call for the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience while emphasizing the crucial distinction between prisoners of war and innocent civilians.
  4. The need to establish consular services in Aden to address and alleviate the hardships faced by the Yemeni American community while strengthening the bonds between the United States and Yemen.

The primary objective of Yemen Advocacy Day is to drive positive change in Yemen by fostering U.S. elected officials’ relationships with their Yemeni-American constituents to promote U.S.- Yemen mutual interests, foster sustainable development, and strengthen stability in Yemen.


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