UK provides Yemen with $205m humanitarian support

The UK announced on Friday a $205 million grant to support Yemen’s health, nutrition and water sector.

This came in a statement published by the British Foreign Office on its Twitter account, reported Anadolu Agency.

The Foreign Ministry shared that the UK unveiled a new humanitarian programme to deliver vital healthcare support to vulnerable Yemeni women and children.

It added: “The £160 million (about $205 million) four-year programme will deliver primary healthcare, including nutrition, water hygiene and sanitation and sexual and reproductive health services to some of the most vulnerable in Yemen.”


According to the Foreign Office, the programme: “Will look to reduce deaths and disease among women and children by providing nutrition, improving access to water and sexual and reproductive health services. The UK funding will aim to deliver crucial support to over one million vulnerable Yemeni women and children annually.”

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly expressed in a statement: “The conflict in Yemen continues to cause pain and suffering for millions of ordinary Yemenis, with women and children particularly paying a heavy price.”

“The UK remains committed to tackling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and the new Yemen Women and Children Programme will deliver vital support to the most vulnerable,” Cleverly added.

Yemen has witnessed a nine-year war between government forces and the Houthi group, resulting in dire humanitarian and health conditions.

The war also led to the country’s economy losing $126 billion in one of the world’s worst humanitarian and economic crises, as most of the population of about 32 million depend on aid.



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