US envoy visits Gulf in effort to expand Yemen truce

The US Special Envoy for Yemen will visit the Gulf on Monday “to advance ongoing UN-led efforts to expand the truce and launch a comprehensive peace process,” the US State Department has said.

A UN-backed truce initially took effect in April 2022 and ended on October 2 after just six months, after the Houthis refused to agree to a further extension. Despite the absence of a truce extension, fighting has not escalated.

Tim Lenderking will meet with Saudi, Yemeni, Emirati, Omani, and international partners to discuss the necessary steps to “secure a durable ceasefire and launch an inclusive, UN-mediated political process while ensuring continued efforts to ease the economic crisis and suffering of Yemenis,” the State Department added.

The US reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a resolution to the Yemen conflict as soon as possible. Washington said it is working closely with its international partners to build on the UN-mediated truce “which has delivered the longest period of calm since the war began.”

Lenderking will also congratulate Yemeni, UN, and international partners on the successful operation to remove more than 1.1 million barrels of oil from the FSO Safer supertanker, a two-year effort which concluded this week.

He will also continue to mobilize support from donors to fulfill the remaining $22 million funding gap to scrap the tanker and tackle all residual environmental threats.


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