Monthly Analysis of Yemeni Affairs – September 2023

Monthly Analysis of Yemeni Affairs:

Critical Report on Recent Developments

September 2023

Prepared by WCYS Department of Research and Studies

We are pleased to share our monthly analysis of Yemeni affairs for September 2023, which offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the recent developments in Yemen. This provides a vital perspective on the Yemeni scene’s internal and external facets, focusing on the political and military dimensions.

Report Overview:

  1. The Political Developments:

    Houthi-Saudi Talks: Exploring Recent Developments

    The Saudi Initiative of 2021

  2. The Military Developments:

    The Houthis Flex Muscle in Military Parade

A Glimpse into the Political Landscape:

In August of the previous year, the Omani delegation engaged in extensive consultations with Houthi leadership in Sanaa, paving the way for a subsequent invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs—this invitation aimed to further discussions based on the Saudi initiative announced in March 2021. The report dives into the intricacies of these talks and the potential impact on the Yemeni conflict.

Key Sticking Points and American Involvement:

The report sheds light on the core disputes between Riyadh and the Houthi group and the role of the internationally recognized Yemeni government. Additionally, it highlights the active involvement of the United States in pursuing a lasting peace in Yemen.

Prospects for Peace:

While the recent rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia has created a positive atmosphere for negotiations, the report cautions that genuine settlements may face challenges. It provides an in-depth analysis of the concessions made by each party and offers insights into the potential outcomes of these talks.

Military Developments:

The report also covers the Houthi military parade, commemorating the ninth anniversary of their control over the Yemeni capital. This event serves as a poignant backdrop to the ongoing negotiations and underscores the complex dynamics at play.

The report below provides a more detailed examination of these topics and offers valuable insights into Yemen’s current state of affairs. This analysis will contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities of seeking a resolution to the Yemeni crisis.


WCYS Monthly Analysis September 2023 - Arabic


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