U.S. Strikes More Houthi Missile Sites in Yemen


U.S. forces in the Middle East struck three Houthi anti-ship missiles as back-and-forth strikes between the American and Houthi forces entered their sixth straight day.

The three anti-ship missiles were aimed at the Red Sea and planned to launch, according to a Friday Central Command release. The release did not specify if the missiles were cruise or ballistic.

“U.S. forces identified the missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined that they presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and the U.S. Navy ships in the region. U.S. forces subsequently struck and destroyed the missiles in self-defense. This action will make international waters safe and secure for U.S. Navy vessels and merchant vessels,” reads the release.

The U.S. strikes are part of a continuing pattern in the Red Sea, where the Houthi’s launch a missile or drone at a ship in the Red Sea and the U.S. strikes Houthi weapons or infrastructure.

Houthi leadership has said it is attacking ships linked to Israel – either by ownership or travel plans – but has also added British and U.S. ships to the target list following a coordinated strike between the two countries on at least 30 Houthi sites on Jan. 11.

However, Pentagon officials have said the Houthi’s targets are not just linked to Israel, the U.S. or the U.K. with multiple nations affected by shipping issues in the Red Sea.

While the U.S. strikes are degrading the Houthi’s abilities, they are not completely destroying them, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters Thursday.

The Pentagon has said the Houthi strikes will end when the Houthi’s decide to stop attacking ships in the region. The Houthi leadership has said the strikes will stop when Israel ends its bombardment of Gaza.


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