CNN: US names campaign to target Houthis in Yemen “Operation Poseidon Archer”


US names campaign to target Houthis in Yemen “Operation Poseidon Archer”

The United States has named the ongoing operation to target Houthi assets in Yemen “Operation Poseidon Archer,” according to two US officials.

The named operation suggests a more organized, formal and potentially long-term approach to the operations in Yemen, where the US has been hitting Houthi infrastructure as the Iran-backed rebel group has vowed to keep targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The US has struck Houthi targets in Yemen seven times since carrying out its first set of attacks together with the UK military on January 11. The first wave of strikes, in which the two countries hit approximately 30 sites across Houthi-controlled Yemen, marked the beginning of Operation Poseidon Archer, one official said.

The attacks have targeted one-way attack drones, anti-ship ballistic missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles and more as the US has tried to disrupt the Houthis’ ability to fire on international shipping lanes.

The officials emphasized that Operation Poseidon Archer is separate from Operation Prosperity Guardian, which is a defensive coalition of nations who have committed naval assets and personnel to bolstering security in the Red Sea. Some of the more than 20 nations in the coalition, including the US and UK, have repeatedly intercepted drone and missile launches from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen.


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