UKMTO reports Houthi attempt to hijack vessel near Yemen

On Friday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) organization said that it had received a report of a hijacking attempt of a vessel 195 nautical miles east of Yemen’s seaport of Aden. The vessel’s master reported that they were approached by a small craft carrying five or six armed people with ladders.

The attack failed and the vessel reported that its cargo and crew were safe. After firing on the vessel, attackers in the small craft were forced to abort their approach when the security team on the vessel returned fire, as per UKMTO reporting. The vessel is now processing onto its next port of call.

Since last fall, Houthi militants in Yemen have launched multiple hijacking attempts, drone attacks and missile attacks on shipping in and around the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean to demonstrate their support for the Palestinians amid their ongoing war in Gaza.

However, these attacks by the Houthis are not well received by many Yemenis and the international community which led to the United States striking Houthi targets within Yemen earlier this year.

There are potential risks of pirates taking advantage of this lack of security caused by attacks on shipping by the Iran-aligned Houthis to launch attacks and further threaten maritime shipping in Yemen.


source: WCYS with agencies.
photo: [Illustrative] Derell Licht @Flicker


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