Houthis bring weapons through alternative smuggling routes

In what is now dubbed as the most intense combat for the U.S. Navy since World War II, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Houthi rebel group in Yemen was able to maintain its military capabilities. According to the report, Houthis are able to find new ways to obtain the equipment and weapons it needs from Iran, as confirmed by Western and Houthi officials.

The report explained that the Houthis no longer bring weapons directly from Iran, but rather use new routes through Djibouti in East Africa, where weapons move from Iranian ports to ships sailing towards Djibouti, and from there they move to Yemen.

Furthermore, the report indicated that the Houthis are using Lebanon as a center for purchasing drone spare parts, which come from China.

Iranian weapons reach the Houthis after a complex journey that begins from Iran, then to Djibouti, and finally to Yemen, while spare parts for drones flow from China to Lebanon and then to Yemen. This multi-stage approach allows the Houthis to assemble an arsenal of weapons that they use to target ships.

Despite the ongoing strikes directed by the United States and Britain against the Houthis with the aim of stopping their attacks in the Red Sea, these efforts have not been entirely successful in stopping the attacks so far. In the most recent of these attacks, the U.S. military announced that crew members of a Greek-owned coal ship were forced to abandon it after the Houthis targeted it with drones.


Source: WCYS with agencies.
Photo: U.S Navy battle ships (Source: U.S Navy).


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