About WCYS

Washington Center for Yemeni Studies

The Washington Center for Yemeni Studies is a DC-based research organization. Our work sheds light on the Yemeni conflict through our Research, Reportage, and Network approach. We publish and disseminate critical ideas excluded from mainstream media about Yemen.

We utilize a diverse network across different political and social spaces in Yemen and the U.S. to build global partnerships with researchers specialized in Yemeni affairs. We also facilitate the exchange of information with research institutions and mainstream media, and work closely with government and advocacy leaders to help advance our research and Yemeni causes.


To elevate the Yemeni voice in Washington, DC, by publishing impartial research on the complexities of the political climate, humanitarian crisis, and social inequities in Yemen.


To establish a central source and a renowned reference for information on Yemeni affairs.





What We Do

  • Publish academic research and field studies to enhance understanding of the Yemeni conflict, and advocate for the narrative of the Yemeni people. 


  • Create a collaborative space for think tanks and academic institutions to break the silos and strengthen the Yemeni voice in Washington. 


  • Host annual conferences and periodic seminars to share insights and discuss topics of overarching importance to the concerns, interests, and foreign policy objectives of the Yemeni and American people.

Our Objectives